Wellness therapy

A wellness break in addition to the holidays

Add the benefits of a wellness therapy, at the spa center of SANGHO CLUB ZARZIS, to those of the sun and sea.

In a serene atmosphere and a classic and elegant, yet typically local setting, a professional team invites you to a complete fitness program.

Under whitewashed arches, exquisite Tunisian mosaics blend into pastel colored walls, while background music helps you relax in fully air conditioned rooms.


The center will offer you:

  •  A medical office
  •  Hydro-massage bathtubs with underwater hydro jets
  •  A rainfall shower
  •  Massage rooms
  •  Skin care room
  •  Relaxation room and herbal tea room
  •  A traditional Hammam,with an ambient room and a hot room, equipped with hot water falls and a vaporium.


We will design a program specifically catered for your needs.

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